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Student Forms
District Open Enrollment Form
To be filled out by parent or guardian to grant permission of medical treatment of an injured or ill student.
Gives or withholds consent by parent or guardian for use of photographs, audio or video for purpose of news stories, etc.
Student information for enrollment.
To be signed by parent or guardian giving student permission or denial of use of the Internet for school projects.
Athletic Insurance Form
Employee Forms
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
To be used when personal, professional, or sick leave do not apply.
To be signed and filed by employees acknowledging the network privacy and Internet usage policies.
To be used by any teacher requesting to take students off campus for an educational experience.
To be filed by any employee missing work to perform duties on a jury.
Job-Related - Scheduled during non-working hours)
To be filed by employee to transact business that cannot be performed outside of normal working hours.
To be filed when an employee is attending a conference or workshop where he/she is an officer of the organization.
To be used by employee for fundraiser request.
To be filed by employee seeking reimbursement for funds spent on school related activities.
To be filed by employee attending a conference or workshop.
To be filed by employee when missing work due to illness of self or family member
To be filed by advisors or coaches at the completion of duties of extra-curricular activities. Please attach Supplemental Pay Withholding form.
This form should filed with the Supplemental Pay for Extra-duty form. You must print this form and fill it out by hand.
To be used by employee requesting vacation time.
Certified Employee Life Insurance Certificate
Classified Employee Life Insurance Certificate
Eligible Board Member's Life Insurance Certificate
Section 125 Forms
Grandfathered Healthcare Status/New Health Insurance Coverage Marketplace Options