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From the Quiz Team:
The Quiz Team would like to thank the following companies that donated funds to make the trip to the National Academic Championship in Chicago a reality: Adena Health Systems, Hometown Chevrolet, Seif & McNamee, Cutler & Pate Roofing, Rumpke, First National Bank, and Atomic Credit Union.
From the National Honor Society: 
The National Honor Society would like to thank KFC, Cardo's, Lloyd's, and Kroger for donations that supported the high honors luncheons. Additionally, we would like to thank Fluor BWXT for a donation which provided the red cords worn at graduation by those students who have donated or worked during the blood drives.


  Important Notice for Parents of Student Athletes:
Please view the OHSAA Student Athlete PreSeason Meeting materials and signature page. The signature page should be signed and returned to the school office. Thank you.

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