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Mr. Rhea's GOOGLE Classroom Information

Accounting: mhbmpa7

  Business Math: twk6q2m

       Financial Literacy: fdsx4yy       

Mrs. Amanda Entler's GOOGLE Classroom Information

Algebra II: nylskzc

Geometry: tkewqk2 

Ms. Cristi Thompson's GOOGLE Classroom Information

1st Period code: fsdkes3

2nd Period code: nd6k27p

3rd Period code: gxmza32

5th Period code: p3an33x

6th Period code: kiwqlfr

7th Period code: rs642x7

8th Period code: kqxdmzd

Mr. Dickens would like to welcome our new high school principal, Mr. Joel Shepherd.
     I am very excited about being the new principal at Waverly High School for the 2019-20 school year. It is an honor to work in a great school community with such a rich history and great traditions. 

     Waverly High School serves about 500 students and has excellent academics, performing arts, and athletics for students to discover their unique talents and gifts. 

     The staff at Waverly High School is focused on helping students through their high school journey by being enthusiastic, positive, and consistent. 

     Our goal is to prepare students for the next steps along their chosen path so that they can be prepared for success upon graduation. We will continue to educate our students and represent ourselves the Waverly Way as we enter the new school year and beyond. 

Fight on Waverly!

Mr. Joel Shepherd
Principal Waverly High School

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