Waverly to Offer Summer Sports Camps
June 13-15
For students in grades 5-8 during the 16-17 school year.
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July 6-8, 6-7:30pm 
For grades 1-6
Emphasis on proper tackling technique
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Bus Drivers Participate in Skills Competition
Waverly City Schools Bus Drivers recently participated in the 2016 South Region School Bus Regional Road-E-O. The Road-E-O is a competition that helps drivers enhance their skills through a written skills test as well as a maneuver test. The Waverly City Schools drivers who participated are pictured from left to right: Brad Silcott, Jenny Renner, Tom Fawcett, and Malindia Moore. 

 A Letter From the Superintendent:
Dear Parents,
It is our desire as a school system to keep our students and staff as safe and secure as possible. As you are aware, we implemented a front entrance security system during this school year. This completed our plan to make certain that all of our campus doors are locked at all times.
The Waverly City School Board and I had put into action a plan to have a school campus resource officer for the 2016-2017 school year. This was to be the next step in our campus security plan. However, due to recent events and our desire to ensure a safe environment, our school district has decided to immediately implement the plan this year. So, as of today and for the remainder of this school year, we will have a school campus resource officer. The resource officer will be visible on campus and in all buildings. We will continue the implementation of this plan for next year, as well.
We strive to do our very best at keeping Waverly City Schools as safe and secure as possible.
Have a good day,
Mr. Dickens 

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