Mission Statement:

Create a successful, learning environment centered around students, directed by teachers, supported by home and community.

Vision Statement:

To be known for producing successful and progressive leaders of tomorrow.


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Families and community members play an important role in the school success of children. There are many different ways that you can get involved and support children’s learning and health. Whether you attend PTA meetings, volunteer in the classroom, help with the book fair, or just read with your child at home each night, you are making a contribution that will help a child do well in school.

Family engagement is strong at Waverly City Schools but we’d like to make it even better and make sure our program meets the needs of families, students, and teachers. You can help us form a better partnership between school and home by answering the questions in the survey link provided in this letter. The link will also be provided on our social media site and school website. The survey can be completed on a mobile device as well. 


Please complete the survey by Friday, March 11, 2022.

If you have any questions about the survey or about our school’s current family-engagement program, please don’t hesitate to contact;
Brack Montgomery (740)947-7701 Ext. 21006
or Jeremy Peters (740)947-5173 Ext. 23102  


Waverly City Schools


Mechanics Position, posted 9.7.22


"The following have contributed not just financially but of their time and talents to the COPE Program. We appreciate all that they have done. We couldn't do what we do without the help of the community." Terri Dunham, Social Services Assistant

Shown in photos: Botkin Funeral Home, Boyer Funeral Home, River Valley Church, New Covenant Church-CCC, Dixon Jewlers, Dr. Kittaka, Lions Club, Jeff & Candi Chattin

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Botkin Funeral Home

To apply for enrollment with Waverly City Schools, a parent/guardian will need to complete a registration form and a request for student records form. The parent (guardian) will need to submit the following documents:

  • The child's certified birth certificate (not hospital birth card)

  • The childs immunization records

  • The child's Social Security Card/number

  • Proof of residency for the parent/guardian (utility bill, rent receipt, mortgage lease or purchase, etc)

  • Photo ID of the parent/guardian registering the child

  • Any custody papers that may apply to the child

These documents, registration form, and request for student form must be brought to the Administration office of Waverly City Schools (located in the High School building). Please see Registar Kim Leffler. She may be contacted at 740 941-5831. Her office hours are 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

New students are usually able to start school 24 hours after the enrollment process has been completed. After the student has been approved for enrollment, the parent/guardian will need to log onto Final Forms and complete the additional enrollment forms required for each school building. The link to access Final Forms or

Kim Leffler, EMIS Coordinator/Registration

Kim Leffler, EMIS Coordinator/Registration

District Information

Notification for Parents regarding Talented and Gifted Services

Please click Parents-Service and ID and test brochure for information