Intermediate building

Mr. Robertson

Waverly Intermediate School 

Principal:  Travis Robertson 

5 Tiger Drive
Waverly, OH 45690  

School Office Hours:
7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday (excludes school holidays)

Intermediate Office 740-947-5173

Office Fax Number 740-947-2236

5th grade

Waverly Intermediate Student Council hosted a penny drive for Pike Pet Pals. The students were able to raise $347.38 for the pound dogs.

school grant

Waverly Intermediate School Grant

Congratulations Waverly Intermediate receiving a $1,000 grant to help with their school-based 4-H club, Tiger by the Tail!

"Waverly Intermediate School in Pike County recently received a$1,000 grant to help form a new school-based 4-H club, Tiger by the Tail. Grant funds will help offset the club costs forthird to fifth grade students who do not have access to 4-H clubs outside schoolor the financial means to pay for enrollment, books, and projectmaterials or transportation. Through 4-H. students build a sense of connection to the school community, have opportunities for leadership roles, and engage with the larger community by participating in volunteer service projects."

(article in Ohio Cooperative Living by South Central Power Company, November issue, page 17)

Mrs. Gillen's 5th Grade Class

"We had a special guest in our Block 1 Math class this morning! My students invited our principal, Mr. Travis Robertson, to join our 99 Math Multiplication Facts Competition.

Mr. Robertson managed to place in the top five! Working on multiplication facts and mastering them are CRITICAL to being successful in fifth grade math!" Jodi Gillen (5th Grade)