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Principal Travis Robertson

Waverly Intermediate School 

Principal:  Travis Robertson 

5 Tiger Drive
Waverly, OH 45690  
School Office Hours:
7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday
(excludes school holidays)
Intermediate Office 740-947-5173

Office Fax Number 740-947-2236

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Waverly 5th Grade Tour

Waverly Intermediate 5th Grade classes begin their morning walking to the jr. high building to tour 6th grade. This tour will help orient them for school next year.

Band Karate with Mr. Ross

The 5th grade band students have been doing Band Karate for the last few weeks. Students in band are working to learn a series of 8 songs, each one increasing in difficulty, leading up to the most challenging one to earn their black belt! Our first three black belts in the 5th grade band were earned by Hayden Hubbard, Emmitt Price, and Isabella McComis (absent today).  Thank you to our principal, Mr. Robertson, for taking the time today to present their certificates!

Band Karate

Waverly Intermediate celebrates retirees Nancy Terry, Vicki Hobbs, and Melissa Johnson this morning. Congratulations ladies for your dedication and service to Waverly City Schools!

We wish you all the best as you embark on this new journey.

Nancy Terry , Vicki Hobbs, Principal Travis Robertson, Melissa Johnson

Mrs. Gowen, Mr. Bolin, Mr. Kellough, and Mr. Crabtree's classes participated in STEM activities. Each 3rd grade class read a book and created a project. They either built a treehouse, house, or ferris wheel. 

They worked together to design their project, built it and then completed a journal writing. Mr. Dickens was invited to view their hard work and final projects. 


Mrs. Gowen's, Mr. Bolin class

Mr. Kellough class

Mr. Crabtree's class

Mrs. Gowen's third grade class

Thank you to our drivers for transporting our students to and from school. Mrs. Gowen's third grade class is pictured with the banner they made for the day.

2021 Intermediate Spelling Bee participants

Waverly City Schools held the Intermediate Spelling Bee and Jr High Spelling Bee in the high school auditorium today with 30 students competing from each building. The winners (top 10) from the Intermediate and (top 20) from the Jr. High will represent their schools in the live-streamed City Spelling Bee on January 11 @ 9:00a.m. Congratulations to all spellers that participated in today's competition.

Isaac Cooper, Timmy Nelson, Ellie Spradlin, Isaiah Reynolds, McKenna Brown, Hayden Hubbard (winner), Easton Hensley, Amelia Atkins, Lucy Jones, Hayden Barch, Brookelyn Lombardi, Jaxson, Fayden Crawford, Bentley Thompson, Keegan Reed, Bella Nesser, Alli Harwood (3rd place), Shane Turner, Mia Portillo (2nd place), Emma Hudnell, Sam Faulkner, Noah Ewry, Kaden Gregory, Brenton Lovely, Sarah Altman, Dixie Colburn Kay Dinner, Mia Savely, Karley Hignite, Elle Shepherd

The Intermediate building winners were  Alli Harwood (3rd place), Mia Portillo (2nd place), and Hayden Hubbard (1st place).

Hubbard, Portillo, Harwood

Mrs. Susan Prall

Mrs. Susan Prall, Counselor

Susan Prall

Please click on the link Susan Prall, Counselor to access my website for information

Primary/Intermediate School

Waverly City Schools

(740) 947-2813 or (740) 947-5173

5 Tiger Drive, Waverly


Waverly Intermediate Yearbook


 Yearbooks can be purchased through the Balfour website at the following link:

Yearbooks are $14.00 each.

Also, attached is information on how to submit pictures of your Intermediate students to be included in the Waverly Intermediate Yearbook. Pictures may also be submitted on the Waverly Intermediate Yearbook Facebook page.
Thank you for helping make our Waverly Intermediate Yearbook great!

Mrs. Melinda Rhoads, Yearbook Advisor